THE SPECIAL – Grand Las Nubes by Inmense


Grand Las Nubes by Inmense


Para los amantes del universo, Grand Las Nubes cuenta con un telescopio de gran alcance para contemplar el cielo y los hermosos paisajes San Miguel de Allende ofrece. Nuestros huéspedes encuentran tranquilidad y armonía en este espacio único que fascina a todo visitante.


The city of San Miguel de Allende and surrounding towns are well known for the underground water tributaries that flow under the semi-desert terrain. Near Grand Las Nubes you can find numerous thermal springs spots with water temperatures between 35 and 40 degrees all year round. Our hotel has a well of approximately 20 meters deep that captures the natural passage of one of these water currents and uses it for the irrigation of gardens and domestic activities.


There is nothing more inspiring than watching the sun set on the horizon of a valley that dyes of all colors as the star descends and seems to submerge behind the distant mountains, leaving an intense red trail that soon degrades in purple tones to give way to the starry night. The width of the panorama transmits to all the inhabitants and guests a sense of peace and freedom that remains with them, promoting a deep and restful sleep.

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