Restaurant and Bar – Grand Las Nubes by Inmense

Restaurant and Bar

Grand Las Nubes by Inmense


The typical cuisine of San Miguel de Allende is a mixture of ancestral tradition and European influence that incorporates ingredients from all over the Mexican highlands, Querétaro, Jalisco, Michoacán, and San Luis Potosí. Under this concept, in our Restaurant 433 we reinvent traditional dishes to give them a contemporary twist and achieve authentic gastronomic delights.

Do not forget to try the regional dishes such as the “enchiladas mineras”, the “pacholas” and the “fiambre”, accompanied by delicious beet-water in the sophisticated and gourmet version that characterizes our restaurant. 

Enter a whole new world of flavors and colors by the hand of our international chef, a specialist in surprising guests with exotic combinations and exquisite presentation of each dish.


Enjoy our wide selection of wines and liquors, as well as the original creations of our Barman. Let us surprise yourself and spend an incredible afternoon in the company of your family and friends in our bar, where you can also have delicious snacks or request the menu of the restaurant.

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